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James kisses Pigalle x NikeLab LeBron 12 Elite to participate in activities 2015-08-18 13:27:27 introduced the French fashion brand Pigalle NikeBasketball and Nike LeBron to create 12 Elite shoes yesterday, with its excellent color design got everyone's attention, and is currently in Shanghai for Chinese for James, in the days before the event is wearing this pair of shoes at the same time, NikeLab also announced the news. The shoes will be held today at 7 p.m. at NikeLab X158 first, if you are in Shanghai, may wish to shop to try our luck. JBF Customs classic Monogram package dismantling into Nike Air Force 1 "Louis Vuitton" custom color matching 2017-02-24 11:37:39 JBF Customs brings a whole new Nike Air Force 1 "Louis Vuitton" custom color matching. JBF will provide customers with LV classic Monogram package dismantling, into the dual Air Force 1 details, to create a strong luxury texture. The sho cheap air jordans e body with high-grade vegetable tanned leather production, both sides dotted with pink ostrich skin Swoosh, right into the Yellow stitching and increasing the contrast, finally, equipped with retro rubber outsole. Like friends, may wish to pay attention to! Lining today in the limited sale of 300 pairs of Christmas color Wade way 3 moments have been sold out. This network once again exposed a new color of the sample. Yellow and orange stitching vamp with leopard pattern, green lace collocation and lining, the overall effect is very eye-catching. The shoes for the samples that are currently no commercially available information release. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. Source: hupu/fly-ningFollow air jordan 11 space jam for sale ing the street before the Hong Kong brand CLOT released their 2014 summer series style with Lookbook, this fan that by the Edison (Edison Chen) led street signs with the French shoe brand Rivieras planning to expand joint cooperation, we launched two shoes, this fan Cooperation is not the first time, the two friends still maintained a tacit understanding, designed with the iconic preparation of technical Ribieras to create a body of the shoe, the shoe next to the classic red, white and blue logo rubber band, on both sides of the golden LOGO embellishment . Is definitely a big share summer leisure shoes, the shoes will be on sale barbarian times in its JUICE 30 days, interested friends may wish to pay more attention!at the London Olympics, muskmelon Anthony had a strong performance, and the next season the New York team was also stronger. In the upcoming training camp, there will be no accident that Anthony jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black will wear the improved version Melo M8 Advance of his signature shoes Jordan Melo M8. At present, Melo M8 Advance New York main / away match color has been exposed, priced at 140 U.S. dollars. (Editor: Chang fan)basketball country, all over the color. Many beauties around, who do you move? if you are tired of seeing one? Are you tired of Jessica Alba? Have you ever felt a sense of Megan? In fact, the answer is certainly not. That does not matter, from now on, we will change a point of view, for a vision. NBA the world is an organism, constantly running. There the goddess, drop not sticking to formalities. Used to see those " the old " after the goddess, is also the time to recognize the influx of NBA goddess of the community's fresh blood. today, the first to introduce the warrior Thompson's girlfriend. Before the formal introduction, we first talk about her name, quite a bit of fun. she is called Stocki Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ng Hannah, directly translated for Hanna - silk stockings (stocking refers to stockings). When a woman's name, and stockings linked together, how can we not let the people have a daydream. of course, this is just a ridicule, estimated that her name is taken, it will not take the meaning of silk stockings. So, the real name is Hanna - Siduojin. cut to the chase, Hanna is in the last year and Thompson formally established a relationship. Hanna is a professional model, although fame is not, but she is very active on social networking sites, called quite famous, her fans on social networking sites reached more than one million. Hanna sought after is not without reason, this is not to say that she used what big scale things, to attract the attention of the outside world. , who has seen her social media, knows that she is a more conservative model in the United States. but JiaBuZhu Hanna is a born beauty, style e jordans on sale online ven more irresistible. her facial features is extremely delicate, the figure is hot and incomparable, the thin place is thin, the convex place is convex, the place of the. Hannah like Kim Kardashian, born with a naked temptation, also unlike alba, born a inviolable neighbor goddess, like Megan, naturally people have a wild impulse. she is more like a complex, both pure and pure, there is also a wild side. The sense of propriety, she is very accurate, no obstacles to walk at both ends. how, with such a girlfriend, Thompson can not success? Is the so-called lucky in love, the stadium is also proud. In January this year, Thompson taifashenwei, single scored 37 points, hit NBA record. not only that, but Thompson is to help the warriors.This Jordan Brand to commemorate Spike Lee's film "Do the Right" Thing 25th anniversary Air Jordan 6 and in particular to create Spizike upon exposure to lock up global shoe fan jordans on sale mens 's attention, and it will be formally sale. The red leather uppers to build, and with a white midsole and outsole parts of the crystal, the tongue trapeze logo green embellishment, inside and rendered by the black pattern closely linked to the theme, the overall effect is very eye-catching. item: 694091-625 release date: August 9th airjordan6_spizike_blog-1024x682.jpg (66.86 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Spizike sale reminder 2014-8-5 12:27 upload airjordan6_spizike_blog-5-1024x682.jpg (77.69 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Spizike sale reminder 2014-8-5 12:27 upload airjordan6_spizike_blog-4-1024x682.jpg (74.79 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Spizike sale reminder 2014-8-5 12:27 upload airjordan6_spizike_blog-3-1024x682.jpg (80.14 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Spizike sale reminder 2014-8-5 12:27 upload airjordan6_spizik buy cheap jordans online e_blog-7-1024x682.jpg (89.05 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Spizike sale reminder 2014-8-5 12:27 upload ai0 2007 is an important turning point in the development of China's footwear sales channels. As China's footwear industry leader AOKANG, red dragonfly respectively launched the famous product space and integrated store model. October 2007, AOKANG opened a area of 2300 square meters of ocean famous space in Shandong Heze, not only in AOKANG's AOKANG, Marie Claire, red Firebird, Kanglong and GOEX five big brands also include a dandy, crocodiles, kangaroos and other 20 well-known brands, then in Shandong opened 4 larger product space, mainly operating their own brands. At its headquarters in Wenzhou, the name of the dawn, the space area of more than 1000 square meters. It is reported, "famous product space" will be the main direction of the future development of AOKANG cheap foamposites . AOKANG group president Wang Zhentao also said: "this is a big trend, diversified stores will replace single brand stores.". This could be seen as another revolution for AOKANG on the terminal." the same is October 2007, red dragonfly first more than 300 square meters of integrated concept stores in Wenzhou Jiefang Road debut, mainly engaged in Red Dragonfly shoes (including sports shoes), red dragonfly, red dragonfly dresses and accessories four categories of products. As of April 2008, red dragonfly has opened more than 20 integrated franchised stores in the country. In the future, red dragonfly integrated store model will gradually open in the country, is expected to the end of April this year there will be more than 30 of the model shop. The Red Dragonfly will take the new shop or the original monomer shop transformation way to expand this model, according to the Red Dragonfly plan, the next jordan 3 katrina 2018 3 years, the integrated store model will grow to 500. from AOKANG and red dragonfly on the terminal channel changes, we can find common ground between them: all to large-scale, centralized direction. Some people think that this model belongs to the shoe supermarket model, but I don't think so: first, the supermarket coverage of products and brands is quite broad, and this mode only operates its own brand products; second, supermarket products belong to mass consumption, quality is not high, AOKANG, red dragonfly, as domestic brands, apparently not "drop from the identity", especially AOKANG, spent great efforts to become the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games supplier of leather products, please Liu Xiang as the spokesperson, the intention is very obvious in the brand image. It should be said that this model is a form of franchised store extension, it will further enlarge the role of franchised stores. I Retro jordans for sale called it "brand integrated store"". In a sense, it also reflects the future direction of China's footwear industry. Now let's analyze the advantages of this model. ; cost advantage of )this beautiful city of Wuxi is most suitable for leisure riding. Below is to ride the friends unearthed in recent years some typical route, you may wish to take a clear and crisp, to experience the fun of a lot of bicycle. 1, the most difficult route: China Temple - Huishan Kowloon Avenue, the entire 38 km this by Yu Xiang of in turn the large pool road, Huarong Lu Qian, ring road of Taihu Lake, to Tibetan pass, and then enter the Tibetan mountain sand road, Tibetan mountain sightseeing tower, lotus hill, and the Kowloon Bay, Qian Qiao, arrived at the Kowloon crossing, Jiu Long Da Dao, then by San Mao Ping, Kowloon Avenue, back to Da Chi Lu, Yu Xiang. The slope of via the Huazang slope and Huishan is extremely difficult, so it is also called Wuxi the most difficult route. A majority of Tibetan slope slope exceeds 10 and complex, many rocks. Although the Huishan section of the road better, but the slope is larger, are more difficult to climb, ride more challenging. Senior riding friends "Liang song", "the new, best not to challenge this route, is estimated to go cart uphill." this line backed by 18 bends scenic area, South and Huazang temple, and bang, Huishan, beautiful scenery, especially autumn is quite pleasant. But it is a reminder that China slope section no street lights, it is only suitable for daytime ride. Higher requirements for riding skills and experience. 2, the most beautiful route: Lihu circle, the entire 23.2 km ring Lihu scenic belt of Wuxi area is the most scenic ride tour route. Along the way including Lihu lake, fisherman Island, Bo Island, long wide Creek Wetland Park, Jincheng Bay Wetland Park, Lihu Lake in Central Park, Lihu Park, Lihu Lake Bridge Park, Yuantouzhu and other a series of scenic spots, Lihu lake surrounding landscape is wiped out. a few years ago, Yuantouzhu Wangsimni Fong diameter built a fence, the Lake Road independent from outside the area, greatly facilitate the public, the rider can full volt Lihu lake. If interested, you can also buy tickets to ride on deer hill overlooking Taihu and Lihu lake. "Small" riding friends said: "Lihu circle didn't dare not to ride over all Wuxi riding friends." 3, the most suitable for novice route: Lihu small circle, the entire 9.8 km Huanxi Lihu lake line, starting from the light of Lihu lake, Bo Island, calf mountain bridge, filling the mountain gate, by the world of treasure bridge, Lihu Lake in Central Park, fisherman Island, and back to Lihu lake, full around the West Lihu. Lihu circlet full in the Lihu Lake Scenic Zone, not only beautiful scenery, cultural environment is more suitable, old and young family on holidays, travel together, is an excellent leisure cycling route. Due to the short distance riding difficulty small, flat road, less traffic lights, this line is also regarded as the classic entry-level cycling route. Wuxi riding ring a lot of people are starting from the line. 4, the most humane route: the ancient canal line, the entire 19 km Wuxi is the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale only through the city and the city. " cutting-edge Japanese magazine "by the magazine recently with New York Street brand supreme jointly launched by special edition of Lucien Smith appearance. Brand 2016 Summer Series selected works of artist Angelo Baque, will color jacket and peacock feather bottoms and so this season will enter styles are all included. Special Edition by Simonez Wolf for modeling, and shot by photographer Terry Richardson palm mirror.